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April 16th, 2008

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01:48 am - Meow
So here is a random LJ post...I swear MYSPACE IS A VAMPIRE....for some reason i dont want to leave livejournal behind though.

Voodoo is laying at my feet as I type this...he always does that since I set up the art desk.... it's one of my many tiny little pleasures.

Anyways what is going now is I am still in Florida with my lovely librarian.

We have Voodoo who is getting over having tummy parasites from being outside.

We splurged around and on X-mas and got the following:
A USB turntable that turns all your vinyl into mp3s
A PS2 (the reissued ones that are sleek) for Guitar Hero 3 Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt 2
A WII which we LOVE... we have the general sports games, Super Mario Brothers and Trauma Center:New Blood which is a realistic surgery game that I am obsessed with whenever I get into my WII fits. Oh and we use the internet to watch youtube on the tv which is AWESOME!
Various DVDS which I can't even begin to name since we get so many coming and going it's hard to remember

So since we splurged we are a little tight because new car payments are a bitch and two times our bank account was only 3 dollars short for rent so the checks bounced and THATS 75 BUCKS so we owed big moolah to the Nazis in the office who act like they are going to kick out their meal ticket tenants. They are giving people 2 MONTHS FREE RENT now from apartments only a tiny bit smaller than ours and they are paying $250 less than us!!!! They are having problems getting people to move in here, we bounce 2 times by accident after holidays and they threaten to kick us out in 3 days if we didn't pay?!?!?!?!? THAT'S NOT EVEN LEGAL!!!!! They use language to scare people to sound like they can kick us out in 3 days but it's a fact that you have 30 days if you are evicted by law. Thank god we had the money (barely) so now we are skimping on our cable and other things.

I have been looking for a job close to us that isn't fast food. I have been a baby about that because I just know how much it will effect me. I honestly don't think it's good for my sanity to work in the food service industry. But I might have to suck it up and do it. I don't know if I am that strong right now though to really deal with that shit. So I am really working at trying to get something better right now before last resorts.

The only thing is the economy is so shitty alot of places are just not hiring.

So today I am trying to get everything all nice and typed up and exact so I can send in resumes to the nice places that are kind of close.

I am not looking forward to walking/biking in the heat of the summer but who knows maybe the hours will be so that I can just use the car.
Just some simple part time job would be good until I can get a nicer full time one.

All this has really been a stress on us. I mean in general things are great with us. We are in the deepest love and our rediscovering our talents in art and music. We by now means have a shitty life. I have a wonderful magic kitty, a blessed apartment that is around awesome nature in a great part of town, my man has a great job that he loves...the future is grand. The NOW is grand. It's only the financial things that eat at our nerves.

It's only the MAN trying to keep us down!!!!

But before you click and see it please let me state that it is in sections. Each section connects to the next, and they are all related. Don't watch this movie if you are prone to schizophrenic paranoia or any kind of super severe depression....
Try not to watch it on psychedelics if you are sensitive/empathetic.
IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO GRAPHIC IMAGERY/PAIN THERE IS A FAST FORWARD FOR A REASON...(This warning is for the DVD release not necessarily the web release)

I am only stating this because when I watched it, with a couple drinks, I still felt ANGRY, UPSET AND SICK....but that is just because I am a good natured person who is HIGHLY empathetic/sensitive to energy. This movie goes beyond silly politics. I am in the process of finding sites to cites every claim this film makes which I am sure won't take too long because alot of the information I already knew...they just connected all the friggin dots and made me go "GOD DAMMIT I KNEW I WAS RIGHT!"

So with that all that hulabaloo go here---->>>http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

I know a lot of you might already go "Pssssh I knew that!" when you watch parts of it....I know I did... but the thing I love about this movie is it clearly gives good information in a easy to consume fashion. In short it is made as a learning tool. On the site they talk about Z-DAY where people will show the movie at all different kinds of venues...even in their homes. I am careful who I show it to around me because I know that some people just are not ready for the truth. My mom, for example, would not benefit from seeing this. She needs to focus on just her. And in the end we all do....just remember that. All you can do is good around you. Pay off your debts, don't invest in big banks, don't use credit cards, ect...that is how we can hit the man where he hurts. You of course must play the game of life, but it doesn't mean you have to play fair! (Like they are anyways hehehe)

Okay enough ranting on the real world...it's time for me to share some pictures
...under the cut.

me drawing on Darkness's back

For more pics go to my myspace....

me drawing on Darkness's back

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Date:June 16th, 2008 06:13 am (UTC)
cuuuute kitty!

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