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December 10th, 2008

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03:02 pm - Reminder to self
Although I am so busy today I have to remember to get at least one good entry in.

So much to write about.

Too busy now though...running around doing chores and being a house kitten.

Even though we are in the midst of a relationship break (not break up) Matt was nice enough to buy me a new Zune today since mine broke on Sunday.

It seemed like the world was falling all around me anyways and then out of nowehere my zune breaks. Now anyone should know music is my life. I need my zune....it is a requirement. Im sure I could live without it but it would really really really suck.

I took its mechanical death as a signal of some sort. So did Matthew. When it happened you could have thought a person died. It was pretty much the straw that broke this kittens back. I've been holding up under pressure pretty well but this was too much.

And you know what the funny thing is? When it broke I was just beginning to listen to a meditation titled "Meditation for Use in A Crisis"

Nice one universe. Your cruelty factor on that one was beyond compare.

I know I know it's just a stupid piece of equipment...but it brings me solace, helps me concentrate, release, and meditate.

I am so thankful to have Matthew around. He is certainly priceless. How many boyfriends (or pseudo ex boyfirends) would do this....what a sweet robot.

Sometimes I wish I could hate him. But alas it is pretty much impossible. I think he wishes the same thing of me. He is in some weird crisis of some sort. He feels restless and thinks he needs space but knows he will be back with me soon. At the same time he wants me to register for school and see me being a little bit more active with my creations. I understand that. I'm pretty much convinced this break is just there to light a fire under me and get me going. I have grown a bit too comformtable and I can admit that now.

So I spend my days walking around looking for any extra work I can. And so is everyone else in the world. At the same time in a couple of days I will start doing some community service. I have ALOT of it to do so it kind of sucks but some part of me doesnt mind doing it. I hope I get something nifty to do like working with a church feeding the homeless or doing something in the hospital. I wouldn't mind that kind of service. Now working for the county and doing outside labor...now THAT would be a bitch. (oh and dont ask me why I have to do it cause I won't tell you)

Also I am hooking up with this Tom Foolery character and helping him make some beats. He is pretty thick into the electronic scene (breaks) so I am very excited about this. I am going to try to make some good theremin music with this nice piece of equipment he is getting shipped down here. I really hope this pans out. This good be a pretty great break for me and Matthew as well!!!

Other than this I have a new artist neighbor. He is in his mid forties and is pretty accomplished so he is going to help me with my art studies!!! Also Voodoo the cat is doing well...a little bit under the weather but he is okay.

Oh my good brother had another baby girl! And also my friend Cat had a child....babies babies EVERYWHERE!!!!

Not here though....no baby robots just yet.

That is all fare thee well....<3<3
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Bats For Lashes- Horse And I

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