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December 14th, 2008

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08:07 pm - mew
So today was really friggin hard. I cried alot but got alot of stuff out of me too. This breakup is really hard on me. It's easy breezy for him...but for me....lets just say the word rollercoaster.


I found a new metaphysical bookshop that is closer than the Manna Reading Center. It was nice to find it and the owners are very welcoming. They offer alot of free classes so I think I might go to some in my spare time. I bought an Isis necklace that will carry me through the testing times and also bring me alot of luck.

Tomorrow I will go and *get* a job working at FedEx.

Lets see what happens!
Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: School Of Seven Bells

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