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names are spells
12 November 1984
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I enjoy thoughts and psychology, music,art,spirituality,political theory,history,science, philosophy, ethics and I think lawn gnomes are cool.
come die with us!
I enjoy energy work, reiki, astral projection,theories on time, crystals, old magical texts and ideas, just anything relative to the understanding of our existence. I like asking the questions that alot of people run away from. I just crave information.

I like to write,hear and dream.

I like ducks, cats and watching cnn as I hot glue rhinestones and other doodaddles to random objects.

I like the word doodaddle.

I like music-all kinds....but unlike alot of people, it fails to dictate who I am. Though it is a huge part of my life.I am seperate from this MTV generation.:::GASP:::

I like Poe, Yeats, Plath, Sexton, Plath, Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. Promethea is my favorite graphic adventure ever! I like gothic sorrows written in verse but I also enjoy random strings of words. I enjoy making art and writing in permanent marker on my walls, public walls, and peoples bodies.

I like testing what people consider to be normal and just questioning in general.

My name is Kathryn legally but I tend to go by alot of names depending on the nature of my spirit. I go by Lilith Morningstar for artistic purposes to unleash my inner beast sometimes...

I'm 21 and I am currently in Wilmington North Carolina. I have lived here my entire life. I am currently in the most amazing relationship ever with a highly creative creature just like me. I am currently in limbo because I am going to be moving down to Florida as soon as there is enough $$$ for an apartment for ourselves.

I live breathe consume reflect art and beauty....I am hardcore into music of ALL types (Currently im into dark psychedelic trip hop drum and bass of my own creations!) I am now getting into making my own music and singing which I have been meaning to do for years! My other half is a beat master beyond compare and you can hear his odd warped stylings here. The track "Gun To Your Head" features my voice and such okay enough shameless whoring of myself im sorry...

As I was saying I love art of all kinds. Im actually getting into alot of dark art as of now. I like making graphic art alot and I love photography. I am really into poetry and writing. I think writing is the most underrated therapy ever!!! MORE PEOPLE SHOULD WRITE!!! The reason I am the way i am am right now is because the internet/livejournal/my long distance relationship has forced me to write more about myself and it actually has lifted me out of a deep depression.

I love psychology! I am into serial killers and criminal psychology. I love CSI and such. There is something about it that intrigues me. I am the most caring individual inside though I think people get the wrong impression of people when they say they are interested in criminals. I have a dark side like everyone! We all have a beast to feed...I recognize her and feed her regularly so she is content. (remember the whole Lilith Morningstar thing...thats her! I keep her in check and I think I am a better person for actually letting her exist and not holding her back)

I am really into spirituality. I am into magick of all kinds. I have read the Bible, studied Muslim philosophy, Wicca, Satanism, Buddism,Hinduism, Alchemy, and now I am into a all in one place in time. I evolve constantly on a spritual level. I don't "believe" in anything. I will say I that I do sometimes but thats because Im human and Im used to saying I do but in essence I dont...I give and take all the time...I reevaluate the state of the world around me at all times.

Yes I do believe I am Psychic. I think you are too. You just don't know it yet. haha!!! Everyone can do what some people claim only THEY can do...it's all a matter of programing....

Okay this is really long....

I like science a whole hell of alot...I am always amazed at it. I love to post topics on scientific discoveries..be careful...you might learn something soon...I love history because I believe everyone needs to learn from the past because if you dont yes yes yall you are doomed to repeat it.

I am wild and crazy and I hope to bring alot to this interweb and liven it up...also I hope to scout out intelligent beings and networkings of all kinds!!!


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